ATTENTION ROCKERS: We are now casting models for our upcoming visual novelThe Pizza Delivery Boy Who Saved the World!

As with Cat President, we are planning to use photographs of real-life people as our character portraits. But unlike Cat President, we’re not using stock photos. We want you. Yes, you!!

Specifically, we want you to take photos of yourself so we can use them in the game. Like this:

img_9462 img_9427
Examples of character portraits. (Here’s a rough idea of what it might look like in the game.)

Below, I’ve listed the roles we are currently casting for. If you’re interested in portraying any of these characters, please e-mail paulmfranzen AT gmail DOT com:

  • The role you’d like to portray
  • A picture of yourself (any picture is fine)
  • A quote for how much you’d like to be paid

If we decide to cast you for a role, further instructions will be provided. Payment will be provided upon my receipt of the final photos. Casting will continue until all the roles are filled, or until I give up and just play all the characters myself, wearing different wigs.

Please note that each role requires multiple “expressions” (e.g., happy, grumpy, excited about pizza), so if we cast you, we’ll need one photo per expression.

Customer That’s Vague About Apartment Address

Any age; any gender.


  • Excited about pizza, “Oh, sure, I’ll do that! Pffft!”

Mugsy(?) Hoogerwerf

College-aged; any gender. Is about to have pizza stolen.


  • Excited about pizza; shouting at pizza thief; turned to the side, one foot in the air, about to run off-screen

Customer That Wants an Unusual Pizza

Any age; any gender.


  • Unhappy, asking for an unusual pizza, disgusted, shrugs, angry

Shocked Woman

Female; any age. Thinks Doug is cat-calling her.


  • Shocked, angry