Oh, a Podcast! #56: A Book That’s Apples


In this month’s episode!

  • Michael should go to jail for programming crimes
  • The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles
  • Repetitive dialogue
  • Can bicycles go backwards?
  • Hot, swearing prosecutors
  • Repetitive dialogue
  • A shocking name reveal for our Santa Claus dating sim!
  • Adopting historical pennies
  • We love all our testers’ feedback
  • Desert island books, movies and videogames

All this, plus we talk about repetitive dialogue! You won’t want to miss that. You really won’t want to miss it. What’s that you won’t want to miss? It’s this.

If you have questions about game development or any of our games, e-mail them to podcast@oharock.com, and we’ll answer them on the show! You can also follow us on Twitter; I’m @PaulMFranzen and Michael is @arglefumph.

Our theme song is “Cigarettes and One-Night Stands” by 5thavenueband, and it is licensed under under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

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