ATTENTION: We are now casting models for our upcoming visual novel, Too Many Santas (working title)—a Christmas-themed dating sim where you try to hook up with six different Santa Clauses. (And before you ask, they are all the real Santa Claus.)

As with our other visual novels, we are planning to use photographs of real-life people for our character portraits. And that means we want you. Yes, you!!

Specifically, we want you to take photos of yourself so we can use them in the game. Like this:

Examples of character portraits. (Here’s what it looks like in the final game.)

Below, I’ve listed the roles we are currently casting for. If you’re interested in portraying any of these characters, please e-mail paulmfranzen AT gmail DOT com with:

  • The role you’d like to portray
  • A picture of yourself (any picture is fine)
  • A quote for how much you’d like to be paid

If we decide to cast you for a role, further instructions will be provided. Payment will be provided upon my receipt of the final photos. Casting will continue until all the roles are filled, or until I give up and just play all the characters myself, wearing different wigs.

Please note that each role requires multiple “expressions” (e.g., happy, grumpy, playing with a cute kitty and loving it), so if we cast you, we’ll need at least one photo per expression.

Secret Santa

  • Female; any age.
  • Outfit: Santa beard, Santa hat, sunglasses, dark suit/tux (or maybe a trenchcoat?)
    • Santa beard and hat can be provided if necessary, but you must provide the sunglasses and suit
  • Expressions/poses: TBD, although I’m expecting around 20 total

PLEASE NOTE that the player will be able to date you in the game.


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