Oh, a Podcast! #34: Schrödinger’s Nancy Drew

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In this month’s episode!

  • Michael has a new game out!
  • Messing with text parsers
  • What would a mystery RPG look like?
  • Putting kids to work
  • All the latest on Midnight in Salem!
  • Adapting murder mystery dinner parties into visual novels
  • Steam’s underground Trading Card cartel
  • Casting cats and humans for Cat President 2
  • Shipping Waluigi
  • Oregon Trail as an FMV road trip game

All this, plus Michael’s critical thoughts on To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. You won’t want to miss it!!

If you have questions about game development or any of our games, e-mail them to podcast@oharock.com, and we’ll answer them on the show! You can also follow us on Twitter; I’m @PaulMFranzen, and Michael is @arglefumph.

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