Oh, a Podcast! #20: It’s Gonna be Mermaids

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In this month’s episode!

  • Cracker Barrel trivia
  • Streaming old adventure games for young Nancy Drew fans
  • Heroes who are actually terrible people
  • Characters, backgrounds and items that do nothing and serve no purpose
  • “Where are the marshmallows?!”
  • Inventory overload
  • Pro-tips for Windows Movie Maker
  • The [censored] [censored] puzzle from Tales of Monkey Island that Paul hates so much
  • Balancing difficulty and fun
  • Asking developers to “just” add something to a game

All this, plus updates on Internet Court, The Pizza Delivery Boy Who Saved the World, and Mermaid Mission: Titanic. You won’t want to miss it!

If you have questions about game development or any of our games, e-mail them to podcast@oharock.com, and we’ll answer them on the show! You can also follow us on Twitter; I’m @PaulMFranzen, and Michael is @arglefumph.


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