Oh, a Podcast! #18: The Joy of Coding


In this month’s episode!

  • Why are GUIs so hard to code??
  • And captions?! Jeez!
  • Image editing isn’t so great, either.
  • Removing background noise from videosnow THERE’S a challenge
  • Coming up with subtitles isn’t so bad though.
  • DLC vs. a full sequel for Cat President
  • How does music work in FMV games?
  • Games that disturbed us so much we had to stop playing

All this, plus our ideas for remaking the calendar. You won’t want to miss it!!

If you have questions about game development or any of our games, e-mail them to podcast@oharock.com, and we’ll answer them on the show! You can also follow us on Twitter; I’m @PaulMFranzen, and Michael is @arglefumph.



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